Stelal Cox and Francesca Dicaprio get naked for this innocent shoot

These two loving girlfriends are a thing of beauty. Stella Cox and Francesca Dicaprio are both dashing brunettes, yet each one is hotter than the next. At first glance, they look incredibly similar. However, each of these British Girls is unique in her way. If you’d seen them in public, you’d think they are just an ordinary, cute couple who does boring stuff all day long but beneath that innocent facade hides lewd truth. Even by merely looking at them strolling or jogging outdoors, you’d have to notice their curvaceous figures. Stella is the slimmer one with a mesmerizing, hourglass figure and large, natural breasts many would envy her on. Francesca, on the other hand, sports thicker curves, and her perky tits are just the cutest. The first thing that hints towards their naughty personalities is the fact that they work together in a studio, having all kinds of raunchy videos and photo sets of them taken. Once the session starts, their ignorant exterior is quickly replaced with kinky nature.

However, even in their steamiest and sexiest moments, girls love to maintain a playful attitude. Stella is the dominant one in the relationship, and she often takes control over Francesca, whether she ends up guiding her or merely having erotic fun. Chicks love trying out different or matching, provocative clothes but, most of all, they love being naked in private. They are so used to one another they feel perfectly comfortable doing anything together nude, for more nude British girls check out this selection of British VR Porn Videos. At one point, brunettes would braid each other’s hair while talking and relaxing, and the next, they’d turn to sensual teasing with plenty of rubbing and caresses. What turns them on, even more, is the fact you get to watch their performance. They get off knowing just how desirable they are, and you don’t want to miss out on that show.

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